KENTARO NISHINO [b.1980] is a Japanese painter known internationally for his wildlife art. He grew up in a rich natural environment under the influence of his father who is a nature guide. He started to draw picture from a young age on the recommendation of his mother and he was awarded in a number of international Children's Painting Competitions. After graduating from high school, he dicided to leave Japan. While studying at the University of Hawaii, he encountered airbrush techniques and the vivid colors of Hawaii's nature, this is what inspired him to be an artist. Then he moved to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to study more about art especially basics such as drawing. After returning to Japan, he won the 2nd Art Academy Award Semi Grand Prix which is one of the largest art competitions in Japan.
He began his career as a professional artist from 2005 and held a number of exhibitions. His artworks have been internaionally acclaimed. His works have been turned into many products such as jigsaw puzzles and they have been released all over the world.

Kentaro Nishino is a signature member of Artist for Consercation (AFC) which is a non-profit, world's leading international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. He supports wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and envionmental education through his art.

Exhibiting artists of 2015 Artist for Conservation Festival in Vancouver, Canada.
Solo Exhibition at Kanazawa Art Citizon's Center, Japan, 2014
Kentaro Nishino's art works have been turned into many products such as jigsaw puzzles and they have been relieased all over the world.
Interior images.
Works in nature.